Sunday, 31 May 2015

Coding started - plan for the summer

Coding started this week. This is my sketch of a plan for multi account support project:

25 May

* weeks 1-2: Extract some global-type things out of MainController so they're not initialized with every account. Change interfaces/implementation of single-account oriented classes to prepare them to multi-account use (partially).

* weeks 3-5: Accounts list in login window. Ability to change colour of account, name, connection options, select default, write and remember password. Logging in into one account from list enabled – one instance of MainController.

26 June: Mid-term

* week 6: Expandable list in roster header but changing accounts inactive. Accounts colour bar in roster.

* week 7-9: Logging in to multiple accounts (many complications expected).

* week 10-11: Edit profile, add contact, enter room, start chat, run server command – able to select account before an action. Changing status for every account at once. 

* week 12: Chat window account identifying convenience implemented. Searching contacts.

17 August: Suggested “pencils down”

* week 13: Last adjustments.

28 August: The end

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